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A Trip to Hawaii

We went to Hawaii at the end of January and while we took a ton of photos I thought I’d share my favorites with you!

Yellowstone VI: Where the Buffalo Roam

In my last post, I forgot to include this quick video snippet I took while at the overlook for the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone–it gives you my view and I thought it was pretty spectacular! I’ve said repeatedly that we… Continue Reading →

Vacation Part IV: The Long (and Winding) Road to Yellowstone

The day we left Keystone, South Dakota, we knew it would be a long day. We had a full day of driving ahead of us with a few ideas for side trips (Devil’s Tower, most notably). But the sky was… Continue Reading →

Vacation Part III: Crazy Horse Indeed.

Once we got to South Dakota and got that whole Mt. Rushmore thing out of the way we had a few other things to see! In fact, we want to go back to this area because we missed so much!… Continue Reading →

Vacation Part 2: Mount Rushmore

We spent two days in South Dakota! This winding road was designed by a general on riding on horseback–he purposely made it so curvy you can’t drive more than 15 to 20 miles per hour on it. And it features… Continue Reading →

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