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The Back Yard: New Patio, New Life

When we first moved into our house, we didn’t fully appreciate how impossible it would be to utilize the backyard. It is a steeply sloping site and when the former owners added the family room, they built it over the… Continue Reading →

Putting in Sod in the Front Yard

[written by Dale] Today we, Yes WE, put in some sod. While I did most of the more physical stuff. Rebecca did the refinement. For the sod to be level with the existing grass and lower I surrounding area and cut… Continue Reading →

DIY Tree Ring & Herb Garden

So, we had all these pavers from around the yard that we’ve been pulling out (our yard looks like hell, overall, full disclosure) and I decided I need to make a tree ring with them around the tree closest to… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Three-Bin Composter

Trying to get pics of Dale’s projects lately has been impossible! So I snagged these off Facebook when he wasn’t looking. Dale did a bunch of research of composting yard waste (we spend money every week on having it hauled… Continue Reading →

New Built-In Planter Boxes and Yard Drainage Plans

After roughly 18 months of hacking, chopping, digging, and shredding the overgrown foliage on our estate it is now time to actually put things back, in this case it involves constructing a planter box. What inspired this? Rain. The torrential… Continue Reading →

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