Trying to get pics of Dale’s projects lately has been impossible! So I snagged these off Facebook when he wasn’t looking.

Dale did a bunch of research of composting yard waste (we spend money every week on having it hauled away and then we spent money having mulch and dirt delivered. Seems like there was a better solution!

Using some plans (like these) that he found online he build a compost bin at the back of the yard.


First he took out a GIANT bush that took up near the same amount of real estate as our neighbor’s garage. The remains of the bush and the neighbor’s garage are pictured here. 1891366_10203182669183218_1827481404142120631_o

Then, using plans similar to the ones I linked above, he set out to build his new super compost bin. 10298536_10203182669103216_5985526762956420416_o

Because Dale is basically exceptional when it comes to building stuff? He knocked it out in a weekend.10379866_10203182669023214_1557818079933026719_o

Here it is! All three bins with movable front panels in place. Now he just has to fill it… (he actually already has started to and bought a compost thermometer to see how his beloved clippings are doing). 10265660_10203182669063215_7730371716139414466_oAll ready to be filled!