It’s been a long time since I updated but I finally have good pics of the changes to the kitchen.


I painted just about every surface in the kitchen–the cabinets, the cubby hole, the counters, the walls and even the tile backsplashes! Above you can see the cubby hole is now bright red against a soft green. The backsplash used to be a yellow/tan. And the counter, which was once just a simple formica, has been replaced by two IKEA modular pieces.

Dale eventually plans to gut the kitchen but I think with this refresh we can hold off!

A couple of before and afters:

This is how it looked on the first day we moved in–and how it looks now:

The only appliances we haven’t swapped out in past two years are the microwave and the stove.

I love that new clock over the sink! And while I still don’t like the rug, I picked up a couple of throw rugs that I like quite a bit.
Kitchen2014-1If I had to do it over again the only thing I would do differently would be the counters. I am glad I painted them but I would go a few shades lighter and I would put a few more coats of wax on it to make it stronger. Still, very happy with the new look in the kitchen!