So when we first moved in this is what our guest bedroom looked like. Ancient rust-colored carpet (that had a disintegrated carpet padding under it), a ceiling fan with no light and white walls!120901-033It also has a strange little closet in the middle of the wall.

We did a garage repair and lifted a beam in the ceiling that tore the walls in the guest bedroom and office. Here’s what we were left with:


See the rips in the wall and the old ceiling fan? It was time for that to go!140908-002-3

A close up of the ripped walls before the renovation started. 140908-002-2

On the right side of the window. 

140908-008Dale started by tearing out the old drywall.


He opted to put in all-new insulation on the walls that face the window and the front doorway.


And this is how it looks now, with lovely new walls! Dale skim-coated all the walls so all four walls would be like new. Then we painted the walls blue and put up brand new trim. 141115-017

We hope to put in new windows next summer, maybe. 141115-015Lovely blue! Next up: We have to decorate the dang thing. We did get a bed for the room so it’s ready for guests. More pics to come when I actually get pictures on the walls (so…2016).