One of the reasons we stayed in Flint for so long over the holidays was that Chase got married and had a party on the first weekend of the year. I was actually very sick for most of the week but had perked up for New Year’s!

Dale took a few photos with some of his oldest and dearest friends and I just wanted to make sure we shared them here (for posterity, I guess).

When I met Dale (way back in 1995) he was roommates with Chris (on the right) and Chase (on the left) was a frequent visitor. And here they are with Chris’s son!

Old Friends! Chris, Dale, Chase and Greg.
You know Greg, right? Everybody knows Greg Flowers.

Chase and Chris putting on their serious faces.

The Whole Gang!
Jon, Chris, Mikey, Mike F., Chase (in the middle), Dale (in the back), Mike N., Terri and Greg.

Being silly.