Dale has a new hobby! (I know, I know, doesn’t Dale have enough hobbies? That’s what I said.)
He’s taken up wood carving. He’s always been interested in woodworking but since we live on the third floor and have a two-bedroom apartment? It’s not the most practical hobby. Feeling especially couped up due to the heat, Dale needed a creative outlet.

He bought some chisels a couple weeks back, a chunk of wood and some work bench thing to work on (dining room table is out of the question, obviously).  After a few days he decided he needed some sort of dedicated work surface that is larger than the work bench thing, so he made one this past weekend. So far he’s put more work into the bench than in carving but it seems to be making him happy.
He says he is proud of his new work bench for carving because the only tool he could use to create it was the circular saw I bought him for Christmas, a drill and some wood planes his grandfather game him.
Dale says, “Hopefully there will be no blood letting and I will have photos of carvings to show.” Show to whom? Hmm. Maybe he’ll take 3D photos of the carvings for those of you still hoarding your 3D glasses!
I’m pretty sure this means I’ll never get the vacation photos out of him–let alone some photos of Transformers 3 filming.