Directors Chairs


I picked up four directors chairs at a thrift store for $5 each. They didn’t have any seat backs or bottoms. And I spent the summer terrified to try to make my own patterns and sew up my first upholstery project. chairs sewing

I finally worked up the courage to make it happen! 
chairs3After a great deal of measuring and cutting and fretting and feeling like I was failing? I DID IT! And Dale and I sat in them and I felt triumphant.


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  1. Awesome recent updates. Can you also have that caveman you live with post photos/text of recent RMR projects?

    Exibhit A:

    Driveway update? ?
    Garage shop layout status? ?
    Basement wall rebuild? ??
    New basement Floorplan? ????,

    Reminder; has regular viewers.

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