I realized today when I transferred my camera card to my computer that I never posted our Easter picks. We’re not the most religious folks but it sure was nice to spend the holiday with our friends Lara & Tony and their families. Incredibly sweet and generous folks! THe picture above is Lara and her mom in Lara’s dining room.

We had Polish feast that included sausage, sauerkraut, ham, salad and other goodies. All of it was exceptional! And Tony’s clever way of getting rid of the leftovers while cleaning the kitchen was awesome. Look at all the baggies of goodies. We took home more than our fair share for lunch the next week.

Lara and Tony have the infamous Christmas Story leg lamp! It’s fragile! And so very beautiful!

Tony’s mom makes a lamb cake every year. It’s awesome. And it has raisins at its butt! Haa! Anyway, I was fascinated when she told me she uses a cast iron mold that belonged to her mother. I, of course, searched for the pan on ebay and it sells for like $100. It’s pretty rare, I guess! Neat!

Another great dessert treat were the fantastic bird’s nest/peep cupcakes! Wow, were they neat! And delicious!
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