My lame cat photos have prompted Dale to give up the goods! Also, he’s on holiday and finally had some time to breathe! At any rate, I wanted to share some photos from my dear friend Sarah’s wedding from a few weeks back! She was quite the beautiful and sophisticated bride! I was sitting next to my dear friend Betsy and we were just chatting casually and then when Sarah come down the aisle we both burst into tears–we laughed and looked at each other and wondered where in the hell those tears came from! Who knew we were such softies?

Sarah and her new husband Bruce looked very happy! We were very excited to be able to share the day with them.

The first kiss! It was hilarious. He just kept kissing her and she started to laugh and he just kept on smooching. Adorable.

We blew bubbles at the newlyweds as they came out of the church. Despite being a late fall day the weather was quite mild–a perfect day for a wedding!

They came out and greeted the guests before going back inside for portraits.

Of course, Betsy and I cornered Sarah for the perennial Mackinac Girls photo. We’re still adorable, even after all these years! I’ll have to post a pic of us back in ’93 if I ever get around to scanning all those photos in!

A quick portrait of the happy couple and we were off to the dinner reception.

Here’s Sarah with her cutie-pie flower girls!

A pretty, perfect cake…

ended up on the groom’s face!

The food was fab, the wine was divine, and getting to spend a nice long dinner with Betsy and Bryan–not to mention sharing in Sarah and Bruce’s big day!–made this a great highlight to a wonderful year!