The holidays were a little rough on me this year–I was keenly missing my mother–and Dale’s mom knew it so she checked with Dale and then gave me quite a Christmas present: an urn that I’d been eying to put my mom’s ashes in.

Previously, mom’s ashes were in a temporary home designed to dissolve in water for what was supposed to be a memorial service that laid her ashes in Lake Superior or Lake Huron. At any rate, I had a falling out with my stepdad and realized I was not so interested in parting with mom’s ashes!

Needless to say I was deeply moved by Dale’s mom’s gift and it was very touching to me that she recognized how difficult the holiday season was. She’s the best! Dale’s family is exceptional to me–and to us! We love you guys!

My mom’s wedding photo to my dad is in the frame in the picture! And I have to say thanks to Rebecca P. for helping Dale transfer the ashes to their permanent home.