Last weekend Dale and I went to the National Stereoscopic Association’s trade show. A tiny collectibles fair filled with nothing but 3D nerds! I was excited to go because I love to collect antique view-master reels!

Dale was a trooper. We drove to Grand Rapids at the crack of dawn, got some view master goodies and encountered some nice (and some kind of crabby) nerds. I like the photo above–vintage stereo cameras! Neat!

This is all the loot I bought! VERY exciting! My favorites were the Chicago and Chicago at Night reels I purchased.

After our close encounters of the nerd kind we headed home, stopping for dinner in Kalamazoo with recent frequent blog guest, Sarah G. No pictures of Sarah this time, sorry!

We had tasty pizza and stumbled on an odd metal work shop that had a garden filled with neat metal work in back. It was called the Smartshop and it features the work of the artist that owns the place and they offer classes. Neat! Check out their website here.

We drove on home staring straight into a spectacular summer sunset that went from a fiery orange to a dark pink. It was a fun day.