I’ve been turning all my gals onto my latest guilty pleasure–Stephenie Meyer books! She writes very entertaining (slightly trash-tastic) novels. Her latest is Eclipse and since I’d pushed Rebecca P. into reading the first two novels, we decided to go together to get the new book on the day it was released–August 7–and it just so happened that the author was in Naperville doing a book signing on the release date.

The event was such a huge deal that the signing was moved from the book store to the local college auditorium. We got there about 15 minutes before the doors opened and found quite a line! It wrapped around the building.

We felt a little old among the crowd of mostly teen gals. We were mostly bitter because it was roughly 1000 degrees with 100% humidity! Still plenty of time for a self-portrait!

The line wrapped around the entire block. When we got inside, we were handed a copy of the book and Stephenie Meyer gave a brief Q&Q. She then sat down and signed each book of each person present. There were 1,000 seats and it was sold out! And people brought all of her other books to have them signed as well.

Because the book is a sequel lots of folks got started as soon as Stephenie left the stage to start signing. We were 650 and 651 of 1,000!

We patiently waited our turn, enjoyed the complimentary water and Stephenie’s favorite treat–chocolate chip cookie dough!

And finally–at 9:30–we got our books signed! Stephenie told me she liked my name and I told her that I am a fan of her most loathed character–the guy that is the greatest threat to the main love story–Stephenie gave me a high-five after I told her I am “Team Jacob.” We had a moment and it was the bee’s knees!