Last weekend Dale had some quiet time to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot while I drove over to Michigan to see some dear friends!

This is Betsy and Sarah! Good friends since 1993! Oh, how young we all were then! We met on Mackinac Island as sweet little fudge girls at Ryba’s fudge shop!

We went to Jenny’s Farm Market in Dexter, near Betsy’s lovely home!
Betsy’s husband Bryan is a sweetheart! He can be seen here with their adorable new baby Owen–just three months old! Owen is at that age where anything but food time is a little annoying. Hee! He’s very single-minded!

And this is my good friend Miss Sophie! She is Betsy and Bryan’s two-year-old daughter. She’s about the cutest thing alive, has the sweetest disposition and the best manners! She is seen here dancing to an Elmo song with her beloved cat Chloe and Chloe’s new friend Princess Kitty!