Some of you may have received our Christmas card this weekend! Use your 3D glasses to check out these images…and you can click on the photos to make them bigger!

This is the Gingerbread House that Dale and I put together a few weeks ago.

This is a nativity scene Dale snapped a pic of in the Lincolnwood suburb of Chicago. I must post about that trip in the coming days–we got some great photos of the legendary area’s Christmas displays! Amazing stuff!

Finally, one of the many shots Dale took to get our Christmas card. Sadly, Wal-Mart printed the card much darker than we expected so it doesn’t *pop* like we’d hoped! Eh, buying 3d glasses AND photo cards meant I had to save money somewhere–and then Wal-Mart delivered my order late and freaked me out by canceling it. Long story.

Another option we had for the Christmas card…
Finally, any time you want to see any 3D images we’ve included on the blog click here! We have a handful from last summer and we’ll add a few throughout the year.

And if you’re new to our blog we update about once a week. It’s a little more interactive than the standard Christmas letter!