A lovely autumn day! The only one I’ve been able to properly enjoy this year–grad school is a time suck.

I especially like this photo!

We were driving along Lake Superior in Minnesota when we saw people gathering about the train tracks. Dale loves a good steam train so he made a point to stop to find out if one was coming–and it was. Just five minutes after stopping this big ol‘ train went choooo choooing by!}
Here is it as approached us. There were no gates so we could stand right next to it pretty easily. I pulled Dale back about 10 feet–he’s a daredevil that Dale!

Another Minnesota find–Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse. Smelled like smoky fish inside! Dale picked up some jerky and I grabbed some smoked cheese for our fireplace snacking.

And this adorable kid waited on us! He was quite happy to get his picture taken, as you can see!