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Door County, Wisconsin

It’s been too long since I updated! Can you tell grad school is back in session? Did it ever end? It did. And in August we spent a weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. And ate (far too many times) at… Continue Reading →

The last of the Wisconsin camping photos…

So I gave up scrapbooking for blogging…and you’re stuck with the results, people! This is the last of our Wisconsin camping weekend photos for the summer (because we have company booked nonstop for the next few weeks). It’s long but… Continue Reading →

The House on the Rock

Click on photos to enlarge them. The House on the Rock is the weirdest place I have ever been. And I lived in Flint. And Detroit. As much as I love Dale’s photos, I don’t think you can truly experience… Continue Reading →

Random Wisconsin Photos

A few more pics from our Wisconsin camping trip. This is our tent all set up at the site. A shot of Mineral Point’s Main Street. Adorable. Everywhere we went there were cows! SO MANY COWS! These cows came to… Continue Reading →

Our New Tent

Exciting news for blog followers! Heh. We bought a tent. REI was having a super sale so we picked up this huge Base Camp 6 tent. It sleeps 6 (allegedly). This will open up all sorts of adventures for us…. Continue Reading →

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