So I gave up scrapbooking for blogging…and you’re stuck with the results, people! This is the last of our Wisconsin camping weekend photos for the summer (because we have company booked nonstop for the next few weeks). It’s long but I like to think its worth it.

A peak inside our glamorous tent! As you can see we’ve added a duvet cover over the sleeping bag (my idea) and a small rug. Since this trip, Dale has purchased a larger rug from IKEA to use while camping. Dale is even more into glamping than I am! We also purchased a tent light, which rocks. Anyway, during our last weekend we headed over to Cave of the Mounds….

I really enjoyed this tour. I was surprised by how much. It was neat to get inside a real cave and see stalagmites and stalactites up close.

Another view from inside the cave. It was filled with water and rather cool inside–we had to wear jackets. We had decided to take the cave tour because it was a rainy afternoon. We set up our tent and took the cave tour. We didn’t expect any more rain so we headed for a longer drive over to the Mississippi and the Iowa/Wisconsin border.

We just could not have been more wrong about the rain! It actually took us quite a while to get to Iowa because rain–and eventually the hail–came down in sheets! We had to park poor Betty under a tree in the hopes of shielding her from hail.

Soon enough we were in Iowa!! I was disproportionately excited about it because I love to visit new states. So even though I was only there a few minutes I simply had to take a photo!

The next day we enjoyed a winery tour (see post below this one). On our way back to the campsite we stopped at Pecks Farm Market. We found tons of wonderful local produce and incredible baked goods (BEST cookies ever–this includes any cookie any grandmother has ever given me). What we weren’t expecting was a huge petting zoo behind the market. It was really weird!

They had a small alligator. Poor guy. I felt like he was probably lonely. Anyway, I was only going to put a couple of these pictures out but I adored all of the ones Dale gave me so I’m being self indulgent and including them…

I love this dude.

Sleepy little baby cow!

They had a bunch of white deer. They were adorable. There were also some baby pygmy goats that were 10 kinds of adorable and a whole slew of bunnies! Oh, and a wallaby. Seriously.

After filling up on goodies at the market we came back to the campsite and had some hot dogs over the fire. We also watched the sunset and had some cheese, summer sausage and cheap wine. It was fabulous!

We kept seeing these weird birds roaming the countryside so I had to include them, too!

On our way out of town we stopped in the Swiss-themed town of New Glarus.

They have a ton of bulls and cows painted up in themes, too. I loved this one!

We ate lunch at a spot called the Glarner Stube (I think). Anyway, we ordered sandwiches but decided to try one of the “authentic” Swedish appetizers. We almost fell out of our chairs laughing when this odd sausage arrived with sauerkraut and mustard to top it off. We were even more shocked to discover it was crazy delicious. No joke!