Wollersheim Winery is in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, and we really enjoyed our little tour of it. They show you this horribly dumb movie to introduce you to the winery but from there you get to see some fun things.

This is the cave they used to store the wine in way back in the day.

This is the vineyard. It has vines that date back 30 years.

Finally, you get to go inside and check out some of the cellars.

Is there anything cozier than a wine cellar? It’s like a warm bed on a cold morning! Ha! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed tours in the Napa Valley that sort of couldn’t be topped–I mean Francis Ford Coppola chatted me up at his winery so this place didn’t really have a chance to wow me! However, I did enjoy getting a peak at the inner workings of a smaller midwestern winery and the semi-private tasting at the end was very nice! We picked up a couple of bottles of dry reisling, which Dale enjoyed just two nights ago!

Oh, and our new road trip mascot Pippi Longstocking was along for the ride. She enjoys the hills and valleys of Wisconsin very much!