It’s been too long since I updated! Can you tell grad school is back in session? Did it ever end? It did. And in August we spent a weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. And ate (far too many times) at Al Johnsons Swedish Restaurant for those damn pancakes with ligonberries. HOLY COW were those good. Also? They have goats. On the roof.

I’m going to call this the Rene Kilbreath (Piche, but I don’t acknowledge that one anymore) memorial post! She would have LOVED this. Anyway, I loved it enough for both of us!

How zen is that dude?

While in Door County we engaged in the usual long weekend out of town entertainments. We purchased local favorite things. In Door County? They are big on olive oil. I don’t know why. But it was delicious so we bought some. And some wine. And a bunch of other crap. We also went to one of the best mini-golf courses we’ve seen. It’s called the Red Putter and it’s a small place, filled with old school holes and sweetly elaborate obstacles.

It was great, obviously. A BADGER!!!

We were glamping. And on our way up to the top of Door County (it’s a peninsula) we saw this house with a boat in it. Or is it a house built around a boat? It’s pretty amazing either way.

One of the many traditional Door County activities we participated in was the Fish Boil. We heard this was a must-do and I love an open flame so we went. I got really tipsy before dinner and applauded when the fish boiler lit the giant barrel on fire. It was quite exciting and got way, way, WAY bigger than this photo implies. This was just the flame phase I. Anyway, the fish is put in a stock pot with potatoes and onions and a ton of salt and then set ablaze. It was surprisingly tasty but Dale didn’t like it because the fish had too many bones in it. I made the waiter take the bones out of mine because I’m an overgrown child.

We actually relaxed a bit on this holiday (Dale really likes to be on the go and I made him “sit” for spell several times. This was one of those times. The marina is cute, no?

We also hung out at this little coffee shop, which I loved. Seriously, this is one of my all-time favorite random small town coffee shops. The drinks were delicious, the inside was adorable. Good treats, too. Great little place!

We also had a picnic at the state park. I packed a bunch of tasty goodies–bread, gourmet root beer, fancy cheese (it’s Wisconsin, after all), summer sausage and other goodies. And we just hung out until it sprinkled (damn rain!).

Somewhere in the state park…

And Dale took this pretty photo of the marina. It’s my favorite from the trip. We had a nice weekend. (Now we’re all work and no play).