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Mini-Golf Classic Round 2

I’m not saying you should bet on Dale. But you prolly should. Pirate’s Cove, Petoskey, MI.

First Game of the Season

Our first mini golf game of the season–exhibition only, no wagering!–just happened. Dale won this one. My game fell apart in the back 9 while Dale hit his stride with back-to-back hole in ones. Or is it holes in one?… Continue Reading →

Par-King Skill Golf

Dale and I made it out to one of my favorite places for some mini-golf (he kicked my ass). So I won all of one glorious time before we returned to his continued golf dominance. *sigh* But still, this place… Continue Reading →

Door County, Wisconsin

It’s been too long since I updated! Can you tell grad school is back in session? Did it ever end? It did. And in August we spent a weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. And ate (far too many times) at… Continue Reading →

Mini Golf Tourney

I forgot to post about my most awesome victory. Dale and I enjoy playing the miniature golf now and again. And over the years? I’ve never one a game! Until this year! We like our mini golf to have a… Continue Reading →

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