Final Mini-Golf Game of the 2009 Season

A bridge at Lost Mountain Adventure in Woodridge, Illinois.

So the Mini-Golf Tournament was a bloodbath. Dale won all games. However (!!), in this final game I took some of Dale’s advice and my game really came around–aside from one hole where I took a wrong turn this game was neck and neck! This bodes well for next summer when the Second Annual Tournament will begin.

Sushi Boats and Mini Golf

Watch the sushi boats go by!

We recently invited ourselves out to our friend Anne’s neck of the woods to check out the sushi boats in St. Charles at a cute sushi restaurant/Japanese steakhouse.

You sit at a bar and the little boats go by and you snatch the food you want off of the lil’ boats. Scooby is there for your protection (and he’s wearing a plastic cap to keep hair out of the food).

The sushi making chefs will make anything you ask, put it on a little plate and hand it to you. Then, at the end of the meal, they simply add up your empty plates and charge you per plate. Very cute!

After dinner we enjoyed a round of mini-golf! Round Two in our summer-long quest for mini-golf dominance.

My favorite hole at the Stone Creek course in Geneva was the barn! It featured actual plants and veggies that would be grown locally. So that’s real corn growing there. Very adorable.
And, of course, Dale won! I tied with Anne, which made me feel slightly better about it all.

Dale-2, Rebecca-0.

Mini Golf Tourney

Dale and I are in the early stages of a heated Mini Golf Tournament…that I have no chance of winning, sadly.

So, Dale played in the CANUSA games in high school in golf. I sat in my bedroom and scowled. So he’s at an unfair advantage for putting. Anyway, that’s no matter because it’s really about checking out the wonderfully odd themed mini golf parks around Chicagoland…

First up: Haunted Trails in Burbank, Illinois, and it’s RIVER OF BLOOD. This place was fantastic, obviously. This place had great themed holes and lots of fabulous sound effects–including added “burbling” to make it sound like the river of blood is, well, blood!

Poor clueless fisherman dude!

You gotta hit the ball and get it in the haunted house!

The final tally? We each got one on the last hole. So it was 50 to 59. So, yeah. Dale 1-Rebecca 0