Dale and I are in the early stages of a heated Mini Golf Tournament…that I have no chance of winning, sadly.

So, Dale played in the CANUSA games in high school in golf. I sat in my bedroom and scowled. So he’s at an unfair advantage for putting. Anyway, that’s no matter because it’s really about checking out the wonderfully odd themed mini golf parks around Chicagoland…

First up: Haunted Trails in Burbank, Illinois, and it’s RIVER OF BLOOD. This place was fantastic, obviously. This place had great themed holes and lots of fabulous sound effects–including added “burbling” to make it sound like the river of blood is, well, blood!

Poor clueless fisherman dude!

You gotta hit the ball and get it in the haunted house!

The final tally? We each got one on the last hole. So it was 50 to 59. So, yeah. Dale 1-Rebecca 0