What have we been up to since Memorial Day? It’s been pretty random…

I made Dale his favorite pancakes! This mix is from American Spoon and is one of our favorite things. They turn out brown and thin and tasty!

When my Aunt Diane and Uncle Randy came to visit a few weeks back we took them on a little mob tour and we meant to stop at Al Capone’s grave but it was closed when we got there. Dale and I just happened to be driving past the cemetery on Memorial Day and stopped to get a couple of photos. The gold cross is made from clothespins, oddly enough.

For some reason Mother Theresa Capone seemed like a funny name to me.

Matthew Capone was Al’s brother and somebody left him an offering. He couldn’t refuse it, obviously.

Further Randomness…
Dale reached way back in our hall closet and pulled out the crate that holds the hats and scarves. And he thought, “Gosh this feels heavy…” and out popped Sidney. Heh. And, oddly, Dale rifled around under him, got what he was looking for and put him back in the closet without Sidney ever feeling the need to get up.

I was making us some eggs and I cracked the egg and as I went to put it in the pan the egg FLEW out of the shell and landed under the pan. So, yeah, that’s not something you see everyday.