Last weekend, I took a road trip with Rebecca and Margaux to visit Heather and Ryan’s house outside Traverse City. We hung out and enjoyed our visit. Rebecca’s cute pics are here. Great pics, Rebecca!

The kids were the stars of the weekend–here’s Maggie, Margaux and Max! A trio of shockingly well-behaved wee ones. And you know how I don’t have kids? I did awesome on this trip. Heh. I’m so good with kids! Ha!

We went for a little shopping trip in Traverse City and when we got home the little misses were sound asleep!

Maggie was in nearly constant motion. She’s a busy girl. She ran in circles around her little brother as he giggled wildly and reached for her as she flew past. I took to calling Max “Bam Bam” because he’s a strong little guy and doesn’t know his own strength. I missed getting a picture of it but at one point he even had a plastic baseball bat and was hitting the ground with it! Hee!

I had a great time–thanks to Rebecca for driving and to Heather and Ryan for the hospitality.