Exciting news! And it’s on news stands! Dale shot “Tangerine Scream” (it’s the car pictured above) for Rod & Kulture Magazine (it’s the magazine pictured above). All together? That’s a photo that Dale shot on the cover of a magazine with international distribution. We’re pretty excited about it. And it’s in stores now so if you want a copy please get it now before it’s gone. We’ve seen it at both Borders and Barnes and Noble.

We were really geeked to see it in store so I snapped a picture of it with my iPhone. I was so excited for Dale I about peed myself.

For more of the photos he took you can check out his website by clicking here. There are some awesome shots. We don’t have the spreads from the actual magazine up there but the article–which is mostly photos taken by Dale!–is five pages long. Pretty incredible coverage! Congrats, Dale!

You can check out the magazine’s website–featuring Dale’s cover art at Traditional Rod & Kulture. The car, Tangerine Scream, was created by Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Addison, Illinois.