I ran my first 5K

I posted about this on Facebook but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to archive it here! So I thought I’d add it…

I ran two 5Ks this fall. The Makin’ Tracks 5K and the FLW Festival of Races 5K.

Running a 5K is on my list of  things to do before I turn 40–and it’s done! Yes. Twice! I only have pictures from the first one, however. Dale was happy to meet up with me at a few points.

This is me coming in at the finish line. It was a pretty great experience. I liked the Makin’ Tracks run more than the FLW run for a variety of reasons, not to mention the genuine enthusiasm of the crowd.

Race day winnings!

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  1. also did you notice in the picture of you running with the other two runners that your number was between the other two. the three of you were numerical. really.

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