Rebecca had the fabulous idea to get tix to see 80s icons Pat Benatar and Blondie at the Ravinia Festival, a fun outdoor amphitheater. I would post pictures of Rebecca and I at the concert but we were just eating nonstop and sweating profusely. It was kind of gross but we didn’t care once we were tipsy.

Anyway, the adorable Donnas opened the show and then Pat Benatar played a set. It was a bit disappointing. Pat was just sort of dowdy and sang most of her songs down tempo. However! She has still has an amazing voice. No question!

Finally, it was Blondie’s job to salvage the evening and girlfriend was FIERCE. She rocked, she rolled, she made us wish we were as cool as she is now let alone when we hit our 60s!!

She was 10 kinds of badass!

Chris Rock

Thanks to my friend Jason, we got to see Chris Rock a few weeks ago when he was in Chicago! Forgot to post photos of our sweet free passes! Thanks, Jason! You’re the bee’s knees.

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Hot Rods on a Sunday

Last weekend Dale and I stopped by a BBQ for a car club because Dale wants to take some photos of cars and people who work on cars. So he snapped up a few pics . . .

Check out this hot ride! She goes flat when not in motion!

Inside . . .

Back . . .

Front . . .

Craziest wheels I’ve ever seen. And I grew up in Buick City, people! We’ve seen a LOT of custom cars.

A different tricked-out classic!

And another one . . .

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Hugely dorky post ahead…
Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle is a major attraction at the Museum of Science and Industry and one of my favorite things. I love miniatures! And Dale awesomely took a bunch of photos of the dollhouse for me–it’s behind thick plastic in a very dark room so he took photos so I could see things up close! Yay! Every little room has a bunch of little stories!

The chapel organ. To the right of the organ is a candelabra and in the middle is a real diamond–it was in Colleen Moore’s mother’s engagement ring.

The dining room with King Arthur’s Round Table in the center. The plates and tiny silver wear is all made of real gold. The glasses are crystal.

The Drawing Room . . . The floor is rose quartz and jade and the chandelier is made with real diamonds, emeralds, and pearls.

Another shot of the drawing room–see the mural of Cinderella running away painted on the wall to the left of the fireplace?

The Great Hall features many tiny treasures including Knights in shining armor that once belonged to Rudolph Valentino and hard-carved ancient vases.

In the kitchen you’ll find Royal Doulton china with the Queen of England’s crest on it. Only two sets of this tiny china set were made–one for Colleen Moore and one for the Queen of England’s doll house.

The library features tiny furniture for the fairies to lounge on and read. The books are all real and many of them are gifts from prominent authors of the day with mini versions of their books.

The Fairy Prince’s Bedroom features Excalibur’s sword–and a “bear” rug made with mice teeth!

The Prince’s Bathroom is made of alabaster and features real sapphires.

The Princess’s Bedroom is spectacular! Sleeping Beauty’s bed sits off to the right and the chairs–center of the photo–are made of platinum, diamond, and emerald earrings. The floor is Mother of Pearl.

The Magic Garden features a weeping willow tree that actually weeps.And that’s the Fairy Castle! I’m a dork.o

All photography by Dale Murray!