Rebecca had the fabulous idea to get tix to see 80s icons Pat Benatar and Blondie at the Ravinia Festival, a fun outdoor amphitheater. I would post pictures of Rebecca and I at the concert but we were just eating nonstop and sweating profusely. It was kind of gross but we didn’t care once we were tipsy.

Anyway, the adorable Donnas opened the show and then Pat Benatar played a set. It was a bit disappointing. Pat was just sort of dowdy and sang most of her songs down tempo. However! She has still has an amazing voice. No question!

Finally, it was Blondie’s job to salvage the evening and girlfriend was FIERCE. She rocked, she rolled, she made us wish we were as cool as she is now let alone when we hit our 60s!!
She was 10 kinds of badass!