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So…what have we been up to the last few months? Lots. But most of it involved sitting. At work. At school. At home, doing homework. We have a big road trip coming up! And we are planning on having the… Continue Reading →


We are pretty well buried in school this month! I’m in class Monday and Thursday nights and Dale is in class on Monday and Wednesday night! I’m taking two classes and he’s taking one. In super sekrit and exciting news,… Continue Reading →

An update! Finally!

Monty is obsessed with the Christmas tree. He stares at it longingly and likes to sit in the chair next to it. He spends a lot of time looking at it worriedly–but that’s because Monty has only two expressions: pensive… Continue Reading →

Dale’s Work Crisis

Dale was having a crisis at work. An important server kept overheating but he couldn’t let the computer be down–people have to keep working while Dale waits for parts. So he constructed a box fan mechanism (heh) to cool it… Continue Reading →

Failing at blogging…and life

Dale and I have been ridiculously, monumentally busy this month! I started grad school and have been extra busy at work, we had company for approx 47 days in a row, and Dale has been buried at work with no… Continue Reading →

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