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My First Upholstered Chair!

For the tl; dr crowd here’s the shorthand on my first upholstered chair project: I have always wanted to learn to do basic upholstery projects so I bought this chair last year with good intentions and little free time: I liked… Continue Reading →

Decorating with Vintage Items

I adore shopping for old crap! So I thought I’d do a quick round-up of cute stuff I purchased for the house recently. I can’t pass up vintage real glass Christmas ornaments. These are minis–for our crazy silver vintage tree!… Continue Reading →

New Cabinet

Dale and I are always on the lookout for new and better way to store our crap. And we have a LOT of crap. Enter Craigslist! We were going to buy some new shelves and some new storage containers for… Continue Reading →

Vintage Dishes…

Dale and I share a well-known (among our friends and family) love of retro and vintage things (particularly things with a midcentury modern aesthetic–in case you want to get us something!) and our dear friends Lara & Trish (mom and… Continue Reading →

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