I adore shopping for old crap! So I thought I’d do a quick round-up of cute stuff I purchased for the house recently.


I can’t pass up vintage real glass Christmas ornaments.
These are minis–for our crazy silver vintage tree! I picked them up at an estate sale for $4. blogging_italian-tray

Another estate sale gem! I make cheese plates and other snacks on the weekends all the time and I’m always on the lookout for cute trays. So this one was dingy but had something to it. I bought it for $3 and brought it home and cleaned it and it turned out amazing. It’s super bright and cheerful and it says Made in Italy on the back and I love it. blogging_girl_planter

I adore her! She’s a little lady planter that I picked up at an antique mall for around $15. I have repurposed her to hold some eyeliner and make-up pencils.


Pretty much everything around my office is some vintage cuteness. This birdcage and everything in it minus the pink paper was acquired at garage sales and antique malls. Even the little framed embroidery to the right of the cage was an antique mall find. blogging_birdcage

I paid about $25 for the cage, $2 for the bird (overpriced but he spoke to me), and I got the little blue bottle as part of a huge lot of tiny bottles for like 25 cents each.

blog_huldah_paintingThis little painting is by Huldah (a popular mid-century painter) and the wooden frame is hand-painted  It’s pretty cute though this image washes out the bright red and pink in the painting. She’s adorable.