Dale and I are always on the lookout for new and better way to store our crap. And we have a LOT of crap. Enter Craigslist! We were going to buy some new shelves and some new storage containers for our new shelves at Ikea. We figured it would be a better solution than the innumerable small plastic tubs that make up our office. Then Dale found a set of drawers on craigslist that just might fit our weird needs.

And there she is in all her 1970s glory! We plan on giving her a paint job someday–probably when we buy a house or have a specific and exciting plan for our office. Anyway, I have a TON of craft supplies and paper and these very large flat drawers were just the trick–and our printer fits in the bottom and the scanner fits on top! So exciting (you have no idea).

Have a peak inside our drawers…this is the embroidery drawer. See the pretty floss!

A drawer filled with scissors and hole punches. That’s right–I have that many scissors. Don’t judge me!

Jewelry making supplies, beeding and wire. No, I don’t make that much jewelry. Why would that keep me from having supplies? I’m too embarrassed to show you my other drawers–needless to say all the ones that Dale didn’t stake out immediately as off limits were filled to the brim!

Even Dale gets some drawers! So far he’s filled one with paper and one with drafting supplies. Heh. He’s got a few empty drawers to fill.

Happy 4th of July–fireworks pics to come–as well as a bunch more photos from our camping weekend.