Dale spent Easter weekend in Colorado with some of his oldest and best friends (I went to Lara and Tony’s house–thanks for the feast, L&T!). Here is a shot he took while they were zooming on into town!

A gorgeous shot taken from the balcony of their condo rental!

Dale, Chase & Chris took a drive through the mountains and jumped out to get a photo near the Loveland Pass.

Dale and Chase and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture marker.

Someone is holding Dale’s camera. He’s very comfortable with that, obviously. Chase, Chris and Dale met up with another of their nearest and dearest (and the Best Man at our wedding) Greg! He was working on a snowboarding event at Copper Mountain.

Mountains everywhere! Even grocery runs have spectacular scenery in Colorado.

A wintry view from the ski lift. I imagine the weekend went just like the one in that movie Hot Tub Time Machine.

Chase & Chris posing politely for Dale.

Colorado is just rotten with mountains, I guess.


A little snow hut along Copper Mountain.

Gearing up for more extreme winter sports! My guess is that they came home a lot more sore than they would have 15 years ago.

Dale had a GREAT time and wants to take up skiing again. He also enjoyed the generosity of his good friend Chase, who made much of the weekend possible! Thanks, Chase!