Dale and I had a date night last Saturday night. We headed downtown to Oysy, a very cool, modern sushi place. Dale has become nearly obsessed with sushi rolls in the last few months. It’s his favorite thing! I’m actually almost sick of sushi. How can that be?

Anyway, Oysy was delish!

We then took a walk along Michigan Ave., where we saw an array of odd things (only some of which you’ll see here). The oddities included butterflies twitterpating (and the one above, who mostly stuck to trying to hide from Dale’s lens). We also saw Hare Krishnas singing and dancing on one side of the street (they had a good beat) and fresh-faced Amish gals singing for the Lord on the other side of the street. Very odd but both groups sounded lovely!

Near the Art Institute is a gorgeous garden featuring a water feature and a fountain, pictured above.

I thought the garden was especially beautiful. It felt like the sky was made of branches. So pretty and peaceful there–and right on the busiest shopping street in the city!

I’m a dork.

And we wandered past the reflecting pool at Millenium Park–a favorite stop of ours for people watching. Met a nice lady that was helping her daughter move into the city. Hope she had fun visiting all the Frank Lloyd Wright stuff we told her about. We spotted an adorable area where a couple on a big stage were teaching dance lessons for free and hundreds of couples were learning some traditional dance moves. It was great!

Finally, we saw the strangest thing: a line of port-a-potties burned to the ground (except the one of the right and three on the left end.

A gentleman walked up and Dale told him that the other ones were occupied but he could use this first one since it had three and a half walls. The guy jumped in after Dale said he’d capture the moment! Ha! Don’t look at this one too closely or you might see more than you bargained for!

Oh, and the port-a-potties were in place because of the Taste of Chicago and related activities.