Our first major order of business was to take up the carpets–Dale started doing that within minutes of us getting the keys. Of course, first we popped a bottle of champagne and tried to relax after a very intense day of waiting for paperwork to come through.

Please see our previous post to see the house before we started any renovations.

We started in the dining room:




Naked floor!


Naked hallway floor. We were shocked by how great the floors looked under the carpet.


In the office, Dale pulled up blue carpet. But pulling up the carpet was the easy part!


He had to scrap the floors to get the carpet padding up, which had basically disintegrated.

Check it out:

Dale lifting the carpet padding up off the guest bedroom floor.

 Dale had to get creative to get the disintegrated padding off the hardwood floors. It was pretty gross.


 He worked hard; we ordered a pizza.

The next step was to strip the floors and refinish them. That was up to Dale and his friend Mike who does flooring for a living. Next post…