A Quick Tour

I figured the best way to kick this off is with a quick home tour. So this is what our house looked like when we moved in (minus the basement, as I didn’t take any pics on the first day and after that it was all boxes for weeks).

Click on any image to go to a larger version for better stalking.


The front of our house! We have a lot of work to do to get those bushes under control, no?


The entryway/living room (note its carpeted).


The living room, entryway and hallway (all carpeted).


The living room/dining room (wallpapered and carpeted).


A fun panorama of the kitchen from the family room.


And a panorama of the kitchen from the dining room.


The family room–carpeted and paneled with cedar slats.


Master bedroom had green carpet…


Second bedroom had blue (not that Dale could not slow down ripping carpets out so I could get proper “before” pics!


The third bedroom (will be a guest bedroom but will not feature rust-colored carpets).


We never got pics of the downstairs after we moved in and before the boxes descended. My bad. This is what it looked like when the previous owners lived there.


This picture of the garage is also from before we moved in–that’s Dale and our realtor.


Another quick pic of our garage.


And the backyard!

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