Tonight Dale and I went over to the Forest Park Holiday Walk! Forest Park is so much cuter than I usually give it credit for. It’s just really been built up since we moved here! Tons of cute shops–a beautiful wine store, a boutique chocolate place, a bunch of pubs and restaurants and antique shops as well as little indie gift shops. Anyway, it’s adorable!

The holiday walk featured well-decorated businesses and lots of perks–free sleigh rides, samples from a few neighborhood restaurants and even a free bonfire with complimentary smores! Adorable!

The tea shop had REAL reindeer you could pet in the lot next to it. The Reindeer was incredible soft and I wanted to snuggle it very desperately! A couple of the businesses also had cats and dogs up for adoption and I wanted to take all of them home, too.

Many of the shops had “animated” window displays–many with real people! Our favorite was the hardware store (Dale’s favorite local shop) where they had Elvis Santa’s Blue Christmas.

He was quite the ham, that Elvis Santa. It was hilarious!