On Tuesday, I wandered over to Daley Plaza during my lunch hour to watch the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony featuring the actress Keri “Felicity” Russell and Chicago’s own Mayor Daley (donning a hat in the photo above).

I took the liberty of taking this video of the tree lighting countdown! However, when I rotated the video in stupid MovieMaker the video got all tiny and wide and weird but you get the idea!

After the tree lighting ceremony Keri Russell hung out in Santa’s little house–free visits for all the kiddes, from what I understand–and was swamped by the local media.

I kept an eye out for about 10 minutes and then I had to go and pick up my lunch (chopped salad from Au Bon Pain, if you’re interested).

On my walk over to Au Bon Pain I noticed the county building was decorated the congratulatory banners that proclaim “Congratulations Chicago’s Own Barack Obama” were still on ever light post! I’m guessing they’ll come down when he’s sworn in?

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