Dale and I love a good road trip. We get in the car and just drive. I got the love of road trips from my grandma Mary Ann (mom’s mom) and Dale got it from his grandparents (dad’s parents), too!

On Saturday Dale had a hankering to hit the open road and he decided we should go to Milwaukee (and if I had said no he would have just annoyed me around the house all day with his restlessness slowly turning to crabbiness).

Dale had hoped to meet up with his friend Gary who lives in Milwaukee (but we know him from back in the Flint days). Since this was a spur-of-the-moment trip, Gary was busy–and his mom has been ill–so we wish him (and her) well!

We took our sweet time getting to Milwaukee from Oak Park. We drove through Racine and up to Milwaukee.
And we spotted a lighthouse along the way!

We also spotted one of the stranger houses I’ve seen lately! There is a house just outside Milwaukee that features a strange assortment of pop culture icons and oddities, including a real Big Boy mounted on the roof of their garage–and a Hamburglar nearby! Check out the roadside curiosities blog for full coverage of the wacky house–it’s craziness!

When we finally got to downtown Milwaukee it was imperative we go to the Bronze Fonz–a life-sized statue of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli himself! Needless to say I was thrilled! And it turns out The Fonz is not nearly as intimidating in real life as he was back in his heyday! And Dale could totally take the Fonz in a fight, obviously.

After visiting Fonzie, Dale suggested we visit the Third Ward–Milwaukee’s burgeoning upscale arts district. Lots of adorable shops and nice restaurants. Even a fantastic, huge upscale grocery market! We went for an early dinner at a restaurant called Swig–it was really adorable and beautifully designed. And the food was good, too!

Dale took his camera, of course and even got a rare shot of me (I’m a pretty boring subject at this point for poor Dale).

We really liked the Third Ward and I practically had to drag out of that restaurant!

On the way home we got cheese. It was a trip Wisconsin!
We had to.

Once home we feasted on the cheese–it was an early dinner like I said–and watched some TV. It was a great little adventure.