We had a great holiday weekend!

We went to Lara & Tony’s for Turkey! Thanks so much to them for the incredible hospitality and generosity they have extended to us by having us over for holidays! It was great to see them and Lara’s parents.

On Friday we were pretty busy around the house—we organized closets and revamped the office closet, the bedroom closet and the hall closet—and created a huge mess. We now have bags and bags of goodies for charity and a hallway full of milk crates and other short-term storage containers that have been displaced and may now be going to charity, depending on how some further reorganization shakes out. And the office is trashed as I reconfigure everything. *whew*

Friday night we went to Glen Ellyn to eat at Thipi Thai (which was delish and is very cute) and it happened to be the little town’s holiday walk.

They lit their Christmas Tree and it was quite a huge crowd for the size of the area. The street was closed off and every store had attractions and activities for families.

A skinny snowman greeted the kids and a Santa played second fiddle in the window.

It was quite the scene, considering how small Glen Ellyn is. It was all very cute. Dale stopped in at the local bicycle shop and it was a madhouse because they were giving free balloon animals to kids—made on the spot!

On Saturday we went to Milwaukee…more on that soon!