Chicago has one of only 12 “Kwik E Marts” in the country, we had to pay a visit to this Simpsons-themed 7/11! And it was a hoot. The 7/11 sign is covered up with the Kwik E Mart logo!

Bart & Milhouse sit atop the Kwik E Mart. Note the line to get inside–we were on our way out and got lucky with a short line.

Marge is out front, taking her groceries home and walking under the First Bank of Springfield sign.

A close-up of Marge Simpson.

Hey! It’s the comic book guy!

Patrons waiting in line to buy some BUZZ cola!

Sadly, they were all out of Krusty-O’s!

Mmm…Donuts! Homer’s favorite pink with sprinkles.

Help! Let him out!

Poor Ralph Wiggum!

Maggie is guarding the donuts.

We had awesome Squishee’s!

Mmm…Squishee! With novelty straws, of course.

Cops love donuts!


“Thank you, come again!”

Mmmm… DONUT!