The Museum of Science & Insdustry has a massive model train set-up that shows how important rail is to the region and how it connects Chicago to the rest of the country. From the balcony, near the Boeing 727 exhibit, you can see the plane flying over the little city below. Too cute!

At street level the scaled-down Chicago is adorable!

Look at it! It goes on for miles. There are many landmark buildings and it gives a flavor of typical Chicago neighborhoods.

See the blue windows on the left side of the street? Those are meant to represent this building, which I talked about in this post!

Another shot of downtown Chicago! Trains are a very important part of life in Chicago. It sure makes it easier for us to get around.

We live on the Green Line. The trains represented in the Chicago model include the Green and Red Lines!

From the city, the trains spread out to the countryside, showing unusual terrain.

Trains move through the farm land! I LOVE this picture. It looks so charming and tiny!

From the balcony we got a shot of the spectacular bridge that separates the two sections of the model railroad.

Finally, we end up in Seattle! Isn’t this cute? I’ve been to Seattle and it looks just like this! Ha!

Next time we go, I’m setting up the tripod and taking pictures of Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle! That was pretty awesome. Check it out here.