We love Chicago! Dale and I were contemplating how to waste a perfect Saturday when we noticed that Food Network’s Alton Brown of Good Eats (which just so happens to be Dale’s favorite cook on his favorite cooking show) was appearing at the Crate & Barrel flagship store on Michigan Ave! Very exciting. We didn’t get to meet him–the crowd was insane–but we did get to see him talk about knives (Dale loves kitchen knives and I love gadgets) and quality.
Alton Brown is famous for being as much a teacher as a cook and his show is populated with silly visual gags and props. To demonstrate the elements of a knife, Alton brought out a huge foam rubber knife. Very amusing. He made jokes and talked about how much he loves the pricey Japanese Shun knives.

We also wandered around Michigan Ave. for a spell and wandered in and out of a few shops and had a light lunch. I had fun checking out the kitchen gadgets at Sur La Table and had a cheap and delicious salad for lunch. We also always enjoy seeing folks performing on the street.

This gentleman was beatin’ it out on his drums. Dale used a couple of different processing techniques on these shots and wanted to share them!