Weird piece of Dale & Rebecca blog trivia: Last year Dale took pictures of the fireworks. I don’t remember exactly why but I think he had some piece of equipment he wanted to play with.

You can find last year’s photos by clicking here.

Anyway, I liked the photos–and apparently other people did, too!

Last year’s photos of the fireworks are one of the most viewed posts we’ve ever had. Somebody out there looks at them all the time–even in the dead of winter!

We aim to please so Dale took more this year! Aren’t they pretty?

The river flooding pics were indexed by Google Images and boy did they get hit like crazy when the Ol’ Mississip flooded like mad earlier this year.

I get the popularity of the flooding photos but the fireworks photos getting accessed all the time perplexes me–and Dale, too.

No matter, I love fireworks and enjoy looking at the photos, too.

The fireworks in Oak Park this year was colorful and made even better because we got to share the event with my dear friend Sarah!

Hope everybody had as lovely a time as we did!

See you next year!