I was wandering through a book store killing time a few weeks back and I came across a book I worked on at my last job sitting on the clearance shelf. On this one I edited the book and picked out many of the photos that appear in it. And I started to think that (1) I worked on a lot of stupid books and (2) now that I’m back in business magazine publishing I don’t get the kick of seeing the books I worked on in the bookstore as I kick around on the weekends.

So I started to wander through the store and look for books I’ve worked on. I proofread the book on the left and did both copyediting and proofreading on the book on the right.

I did a copyedit on the above. It was pretty cheesy but the first-time author was really nice. I think she’s already got a second book out.

Sexy coupons! Can you believe I once did most all of the work in organizing a meeting called “Coupon World Domination”? Yeah, me neither. So, I had a hand in working on many of those, Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Coupons is a personal favorite. That’s right; they really glow!

I worked on the reissues of all three of these. Had to work with the authors, the art directors and did some proofreading (varying levels) on each of these three. And the little coupons tucked in between, too.

And I worked with both of these authors–I think I did a read on the middle one but, honestly, I don’t entirely remember! Hee!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on these kinds (nonfiction and fiction romance) books.