I got some complaints for not giving Sidney equal blog time recently and so I took this picture. He loves to sit in the sink so we try to remember to close the bathroom door before he can sneak in there! Anyway, he loves to lounge in the bathroom (he seems to think its his own private spa) but the past week he’s been spending all his time sleeping and sniffling!

He’s always had a temperamental gastrointestinal system but it’s gotten worse in recent weeks. We did some research and added a teaspoon of mashed pumpkin to his diet twice a day. That seems to have helped and he really loves the sweet bonus treat. However, he’s also come down with the sniffles a couple of days ago. He still has a strong appetite and isn’t showing any other signs of illness so we’re just watching him closely and waiting for his little cold to pass. Send some happy thoughts his way! He’s really such a sweet kitty. He loves people and loves attention and his only bad behavior involves eating anything he can put into his mouth! He only wants to sleep and snuggle, poor little guy!