Visited by over one million people a year, Edinburgh Castle sits atop Edinburgh, at the top of the “Royal Mile” and offers a glimpse into the history of the country as well spectacular views of the city.

At the entrace are statues dedicated to two biggies in Scottish History: Robert the Bruce and William Wallace:

They guard the castle. For a brief historical primer on the castle click here! We saw the chapel (the oldest building on the grounds), the crown jewels, the one o’clock gun firing, the national war museum and tons more. A sampling of photos:

The Crown Square.

The Great Hall, built in 1510, displays a collection of armor and weapons as well as a famous Hammerbeam ceiling. It was spectacular.

On our way out of the castle, we stopped to check out the Royal Mile (what little we could see of it). Dale’s gallery features more photos of the castle!