Last weekend, Dale and I went to Petoskey for Rebecca’s baby shower. Check out the photos over at Rebecca’s blog. I took the photos so it’s like a big crossover event!

I got to spend the day with Heather and Maggie, which was really great! Sadly, the only good photo I got of them is on my camera phone and I don’t really understand how to get that off the camera. So next time you see me, feel free to ask to see it.

UPDATE: Figured out how to email myself from my phone. Super cute photo of Heather and Mags below…

And now the rest…
The remainder of the weekend we spent staying at Doug’s house in Petoskey. We got to go to Ozone, the club Doug manages–that was a hoot! Lots of loud music and a dude that was given quite a piece of performance art.

Sadly, it rained a great deal so we had to stay in most of the time. Dale got in two bike rides and a morning photography session, however. I got in one morning run (that’s right, I said “run” but it was more like a slow jog but whatever).

Northern Michigan landscape.

Barn in Mist. I like barns. I like barns.

Landscape near Petoskey.

Wild turkeys! We love wild animals.

This is Doug driving us to breakfast. I liked this picture. Dale sat in the backseat all weekend.

We had breakfast in Crooked Lake. At a neat little place–the kind you only find on random roads in rural areas. We also went to an awesome estate sale clearance center in the middle of NOWHERE. And I will never promote it because it’s the greatest place on earth for estate sale steals and I don’t need the competition.

And we drank a lot of coffee and played a couple of games of Chinese Checkers at a coffee shop. It was very exciting, obviously.

Actually, my favorite non-friendship thing of the weekend was the concrete statuary place, which you can see by clicking here.