We moved to Oak Park in June because I got a fun new job out in Naperville as an editor of gift/women/humor books! We didn’t know where Dale would be working but we knew we wanted to have a real “city life” experience so we opted for the best of both worlds: Oak Park.

Oddly enough Dale landed a job at my company! It was serendipitous to say the lease. So we’re commuting together out to the suburbs. He’s doing IT work and photography. Check out his website: www.dale-murray.com. I still have my website, too: www.isadora-ink.com.

Located just minutes from downtown Chicago, we have an apartment in the heart of adorable downtown Oak Park, just steps from our favorite things: restaurants and bookstores! There’s even a movie theater and our favorite grocery stores: Whole Foods and (coming soon!) a Trader Joe’s!

We are three blocks from a train stop and can hop on and be in downtown Chicago in about 15-20 minutes.

So far we’ve sampled many local restaurants and narrowed it down to three faves: Mama Thai, Spizzico Pizzeria and Marion Street Grille (lucky for us this place is literally at the bottom of our stairs). We’ve also enjoy a great many things the city has to offer, including the art museum, the Field Museum, Taste of Chicago, the Magnificent Mile, and Millenium Park. It’s been a busy summer!

I can’t stop using exclamation marks! We’ll be posting pictures soon!

Till then check out Dale’s early morning pics of Millenium Park in downtown Chicago here: